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Pay & File Income Tax Deadline

Deadline : Wednesday 15th November 2023

As the deadline is fast approaching, we would like to take this opportunity to remind all our clients of the importance of understanding their obligations for this deadline!

Tax season often leaves many individuals and businesses scrambling to meet deadlines. It is crucial to mark this date on your calendar – 15th November 2023.

What is the Pay and File Income Tax Deadline?
The Pay & File Income Tax deadline is a significant event in the Irish tax calendar! It is the date by which individuals and self assessed people must:
–         Pay their Income Tax for the previous year
–         File their Form 11 (personal Irish tax return)

The Pay & File deadline falls on the 31 October each year. However, for those filing online, Revenue typically extend the filing date to the middle of November.

This deadline primarily applies to self assessed individuals, including sole trader, freelancers and directors. It applies to those who have income not subject to PAYE tax such as rental income or investment income.

You must file your income tax return (Form 11) by the deadline to avoid undue Revenue imposed late filing surcharges and penalties.

FLC Frank Lynch & Co are here to assist you in preparing your tax return and arranging submission to the Irish Revenue. We will ensure you are filing accurate tax returns and we will help you minimise your tax liability effectively.

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