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As the year progresses quickly, it is essential to stay on top of important dates, especially when it comes to your personal taxes.

The Pay and File deadline for the 2023 Income Tax Return (Form 11) is Thursday 14th November 2024. This deadline is essential for all self-employed individuals and anyone required to file a Form 11.

What is the Pay and File System?

The Pay and File system requires taxpayers to:

  • File their income tax return for the year ending 31 December 2023
  • Pay any balance of income tax for that year
  • Pay preliminary tax for the current year (2024)

Why is it important to meet this deadline?

  • Avoid the late filing penalties and interest imposed by Revenue
  • Keep your records up to date with the Irish Revenue Commissioners
  • Avoid unnecessary stress by handling your tax obligations on time

Haven’t Submitted Your Records to Us Yet?

If you haven’t provided us with your records yet, please arrange to do so as soon as possible. Timely submission of your records is crucial to ensure we have ample time to process your information accurately and efficiently.

Need Assistance? We Can Help!

If you’re reading this and realise your need to file your income tax return but are not yet our client, we are here to help you! Our team welcomes new clients and would be delighted to provide assistance with your tax return. Whether you are self employed, a business owner, or have complex tax situation, we can help make the process smooth.

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To arrange for the submission of your records or to speak with our team, please contact us on 0429332273 or